Mangere Mountain Education Centre

The Mangere Mountain Education Centre (MMEC), located on the eastern side of Mangere Mountain, is a place where people of all ages can learn about the mountain and its people. We are a non-profit organisation administered by the Mangere Mountain Education Trust, and supported by Te Wai-o-Hua, Auckland City Council and the Department of Conservation.

The Centre incorporates collections of artefacts and displays, illustrating the volcanic formation of the mountain, and the life of its Maori inhabitants over the centuries since the first migrations from Hawaikii.

Guided walks and practical workshops are available for schools, clubs and groups with an interest in learning more about the mountain. Individual visitors and families can visit the Centre and explore the Mountain

In the Mara Kai / Traditional Food Garden, visitors can sometimes see traditional Maori vegetables being grown.

The Mara Rongoa / Medicinal Garden contains a collection of native plants with labels explaining how they have been used by Maori as medicine.

Toitu te Whenua Community Gardens are hosted by MMEC for the wider community and provide an excellent complement to the Traditional Food Garden and the Medicinal Garden.

The Children's Nature Park has a rich variety of native plants, a worm farm and a striking sculpture of a giant weta.

The brick Pumphouse was built in 1932 and pumped water from a well up to a reservoir (since removed) on top of Mangere Mountain. (The Pumphouse is not accessible at present.)  

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